Title- 7 Rising Entrepreneurs of the Year by AwardsArc

The dedicated and enthusiastic people who work a lot to achieve something in their respected field, deserves to be in the limelight and awards are something which keeps them motivated throughout their goal.
AwardsArc is such an online award platform which is cherishing talent from different fields. They provide a stage to all hard working and talented beings who are doing great in their field by not only recognising their skills but by appreciating them as well.
AwardsArc already have accomplished six different award events for different fields. But this time, Founder of AwardsArc, miss Rubal Choudhary thought to appreciate all those young minds who have started their journey of entrepreneurship and are growing rapidly.

This is the first time in which an award event was not open for all. Founder have examined the people whose journey were really appreciable and she, on her own, have seen them flourishing, the awardees which are working so hard to achieve their dream and to serve the nation. She approached them to be a part as they have contributed their best and even are contributing in their respective fields.

Every one has or aims for a success story, so let’s hear it out from the awardee itself.
AwardsArc’s Rising Entrepreneur of the Year is an initiative for the owners or founders of any small or big business be it related to Publication, Fashion, websites, Magazine, NGO, etc. to come up and recognise themselves.

We believe growth happens with time and motivation is what takes us to an end.

As per her, there are seven Rising Entrepreneur of the Year Awardee by AwardsArc selected and admired for being determined, their introduction are as follows-

Saksham Kailoo- Founder of OLIH and Kalam’s Ratna Award.
Recognized by India book of Records, Vajra World Records etc.
Serving the society selflessly and covering all the social issues as much as possible.

Khushi Panjwani- DigiXlance, startmenoww
As an entreprenuer, she has the urge of setting a vision among people and initiative to do something great.

Burhanuddin Rajab Ali Shayar-Bshayar52
He is an enchanting extra- ordinary Entrepreneur with business brilliance and Loyalty.

Harshita Keshri- Cage Foundation
As an Entrepreneur, she is very hardworking, dedicated, motivated to do things to her best, she really loves to help people and know more about their requirements or thoughts so that she can better work towards it which will make people around happy. And she always try to give people a new way of looking at themselves, so that they can know their worth.

Riya Rashmi Dash – The Opus Coliseum
Being an enterpreneur is both an exciting and tough venture as we have to deal with various people and situations and same happened with her as well.
It’s been a roller coaster journey with many ups and downs, highs and lows but with every night comes a day and with every struggle she gained success and achievements and thats how she made herself being an entrepreneur.

Anshika Sonker- Reality of Words Publication
It was her dream to be an entrepreneur. She always wanted to help needy not by giving them anything for free but giving them in exchange of something because free things aren’t valuable and as far as the human nature is conserned, people don’t respect the thing which they get easily.

Pratham Mittal, Founder of Iconic Talent Award.
He is incredibly positive and passionate about his work, dreams, and goals. A kind, friendly and happy soul loves to see smiles around. He is largely motivated by self-belief and so many diversity strength.

We congratulate them for their hardwork and achievements.

For getting in touch with us, drop in your mails at – [email protected], message on Instagram at – @awardsarc and connect with us on – www.awardsarc.co.in

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