Tobey Maguire speaks up when he was removed 4 days prior to the film

After being a  part of the famous hits like Spider Man, the mainlead Tobey Maguire was well trained and ready for the 4th time appearance in the movie which was also directed by the filmmaker Sam Raimi. However this couldn’t happen due to a number of reasons.

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Back in 2010, Januray, it was reported that the entire franchise of Spiderman’s new actors will be rebooted and the film was scrapped by Sony. Instead of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield was chosen as the replacement.

Tobey Maguire played Spider-Man in three films.

Just 3 days prior to the removal, Tobey had shown his excitement for the sequel Spider man 4 in an interview casted on youtube channel named DP/30.

“Yeah, it’s great. Each movie is different, we evolve as people. At the same time, there are certain dynamics and relationships that have continuity. Sam and myself, we have a certain banter, or dynamic that’s fun and funny, and I love collaborating with him. And also, like the new one… How do we press this? How do we make this more exciting? How do we make it more fun? How do we evolve the character and make it a rich story? And how do I make it interesting for myself? So I appreciate that, too. I have fun with those movies, I really do.””, he said

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However he was proud to be a part of the last 3 film of Spiderman. For latest updates and trending news on cricket, world, business and technology, stay tune to the latest posts of The Midget Herald.

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