Today Nagarpalika guy Shahid Alvi needs no introduction and his ‘Bhai Bhai Bhai’ is kind of swag among millennials.

While most youngsters see Social Media as an entertainment platform, This small town guy used it for showcasing his talent through satires and influencing other people to pursue their dreams. We have seen similar story in a movie ‘Raju Ban gaya Gentleman’ but this happens in reality as well. Your talent wont go waste if you are persistent and hardworking like Shahid Alvi. Shahid Alvi always wanted to go for acting but coming from a conservative family made this impossible for him.

After completing his MBA, he started his business in his hometown Sirathu where he got the idea of making YouTube videos with the help of his school friends. His videos crossed 2-3 millions views and gave him immediate popularity in India. He is having his own youtube channel with…..following. He has created… videos till date. Through his comedy videos, He tries to question the system and hypocrisy of our society. After his immense success, many youngsters are motivated to polish their talent and present it YouTube.

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