Tracing the inspiring journey of The Gulabi Girl aka Pranjal Salecha

Pranjal Salecha is a renowned fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger. Her Instagram blog name is ‘The Gulabi Girl’. Pranjal has been blogging for at least 5 years. She ventured into this field during a time when it wasn’t popular. She has seen how it started, witnessed all the changes, trends and style of blogging.

Fashion is very close to Pranjal Salecha’s heart. She is a fashion designing student who used to work as a wedding planner and a freelance fashion designer. But she wasn’t getting creative satisfaction despite working in a field related to her interests. That’s when Pranjal decided to venture into social media blogging where she can share her idea of fashion and lifestyle.

The blogger also aimed to break the stereotype that fashion bloggers have to look or dress up in a certain way. She has shown people that anyone can become a fashion blogger if they have in-depth knowledge about it and have a creative mind and confidence. The Gulabi Girl also covers travel blogs where she shares pics and videos of her adventures from different places. Pranjal Salecha’s inputs help people know what to explore and where is the best stay at a reasonable price in the cities or countries she has vacationed.

Talking about her journey as a blogger and social media influencer, Pranjal Salecha saw several ups and downs. To chase her dreams, she decided to quit her job. It was a risky move considering that blogging wasn’t a huge career back then. But with her consistency and determination, her posts started getting good attention and went viral on the internet. There have been days when she felt worked up. But Pranjal was aware that devotion to her page would help her grow, which is exactly what happened.

A few months after The Gulabi Girl went online, several fashion and beauty brands approached Pranjal Salecha for collaborations. Currently, she enjoys more than 70k followers and aims to cross 100k this year. Her followers admire her knowledge of fashion, beauty and also how friendly she is with her interactions. Check out her page –

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