Tranquil Store Founders To Meet With Honest Flower About Possible Collaboration

It goes without question that the global economy took a big hit due to the COVID-19 breakout. However, one of the Industries that flourished despite the effect of the pandemic is the CBD Industry. 

“At the beginning of 2020, the cannabis sector in the UK hardly exploded because COVID-19 came along and prevented that.  However, it has still thrived even during this pandemic,” says Professor Mike Barnes, of Medical Cannabis Clinics and Maple Tree Consulting.

Each day, we see more entrepreneurs trooping into the market. The growth of this market is due to the increased consumption of hemp-based products due to their various health benefits and increased incidences of diseases such as epilepsy and other sleep disorders.

One notable name in the industry is the US-based CBD company “Tranquil Store.”

This CBD company offers various products ranging from vegan granola bars, lollipops, oils, pet treats, and so much more. The company is growing at a progressively high rate and shaking the industry, day in day out. 

Recently, Alec Martin, founder of Tranquil Store, met with Jordan Turnbow, a partner of Honest Flower, to discuss a potential partnership at one of their facilities located in Houston, Texas. 

Honest Flower is a wholesale CBD company founded in 2019 by a group of individuals with a passion for designing professional-grade lifestyle products and making those products easily obtainable by all who desire. The brand was born with the belief that all people, no matter their circumstance, have the right to obtain premium quality products at affordable pricing.

“Our belief system here at Honest Flower is that people come before profit, Turnbow comments. “Simply put, the earth is our greatest resource. It has everything we need to live a healthier life. In knowing this, we as a company, set-out to harvest from those resources in the most efficient and beneficial ways.”

Tranquil Store is most notable for its first-class customer service. “We value our customers’ feedback highly,” Martin says. “We aim to create the best experience over and over again. You could come in contact with us multiple times throughout the day, and that experience you receive would be as if it was your first encounter.”

The partnership between Tranquil Store and Honest Flower would help customers of both brands in their aim to purchase CBD and other health & wellness products at a much lower cost.

“We truly believe that we can create and provide high-quality products at an affordable price so that everyone can get a piece of the pie,” Turnbow asserts. “One of our biggest objectives here is not only creating these high-quality, affordable products, but it’s creating these high-quality, affordable products that speak directly to our consumer’s wants, needs, pleasures, and pains.”

The meeting of both parties went well, and we should all be on the lookout for an official announcement in the coming new year. 

Be sure to keep up with Tranquil Store on social media for all your updates @Tranquilstore on Instagram. 

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