Watch Out! UK based Rap Rock Star Kwazi Cort is out to conquer the music arena with his exceptional talent.

Kwazi has introduced ‘GROCK’, a new genre which has taken the music world across UK by storm, and also has many other hits tucked under his belt, making him a true rock star.

Many who are not aware of what this new genre ’GROCK’ is – It’s a melodious combination of grime flow, rock guitar and heavy beats which has a distinct feature of its own and this South London artist has created a buzz in the music industry with this creation of his. Kwazi Cort, who is a known face amongst music circles has not had the best of childhood and has gone through the grind to reach a stage where he demands a commanding position today. In times of distress he turned to music which gave him that much needed solace and hope in his already troubled life. In spite of all the negativity around him, he emerged as a winner and went ahead to come out as a major Rap artist that we ever know.

“I have always been inspired by renowned artists like Jay Z and Tupac, who I have always looked up to, and I owe a lot to them, as they are the ones whose work has motivated me, resulting in discovering my own potential as a rock and rap artist”. It was music that saved him from the trauma that his childhood friends went through due to the unfavourable surroundings that they were brought up in. He was acquainted with rap, but his introduction to rock music took place during his visits to Camden Town. He was instantly drawn towards that form of music, having listened to artists like Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, and Jimi Hendrix, his interest in the genre was further instilled resulting in him turning into a major Rock N Rap artist who is ruling the music scene in the UK presently.

His debut single “Trapstar”, which took the music industry by storm five years back, has a sequel coming up soon by the name “Trapstar II”, which is also going to sweep the listeners off their feet for sure. With many other hits to his credit Kwazi Cort is all set to rule the Rock n Rap centre stage in times to come.

Follow him on [email protected] to stay updated on his latest releases.

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