‘We didn’t particularly get along that well’ : Shane Watson reveals how he ‘broke the ice’ with Chris Gayle at RCB

Erstwhile Australian all-rounder Shane Watson, who played for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) for several years, has been selected by Royal Challengers Bangalore(RCB) this year. During his cricket career, Shane Watson came across plenty of competitors but surprisingly shared a awful relation with Chris Gayle who is the batsman of West Indies. Gayle is also playing for RCB this year.

The Grade Cricket Podcast asked Watson about his formal relationship with Harvajan Singh; whether they had a trouble or not, in this time Watson opened his mouth about Gayle.

Watson said, “The awkward part was with Chris Gayle. He came into the cricket academy when I was there at 19 and I always enjoyed the way he played and we always got well when we played against each other. But then things sort of shifted when we kept playing again each other a lot more and then we didn’t particularly get along that well”.

Joining the RCB team has helped the two to melt the ice between them. So, Watson told, “I had a run in with him. It was during a Test match at Perth where he got under my skin and then I swear I had a go at him. I carried on after getting him out and then he sort of fueled the fire in the media saying he expected that behaviour and all that staff. So yeah, didn’t particularly get along at all.”

Watson said, “We were playing at separate teams in the PSL as well. The IPL auction was on and it came out that I got singled to RCB and he was playing there. I thought it’s going to be awkward. I thought we might butt heads in the field. So I just had to break the ice. I saw him down by the pool the next day and from then on, it’s actually really good.”

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