What All You Need To Know About Exotic CycloTurtles And Their Use.

Team Not Essential is all set to drop the NFTs(non-fungible tokens) CycloTurtles on December 20, 2021. They have been minted completely and everyone is beyond excited about this. They are truly one of the most adventurous and motivational NFT options for gamers everywhere.

You can use the CycloTurtle in the metaverse and the future Online Game created by team NotEssential. That’s not all, there is a new exciting option available for people which is the Exotic Cycloturtle.

The Exotic CycloTurtles are the rarest NFTs of the CYCLOTURTLES. Holding one of them (by lucky mint or through the secondary market) opens the doors to many advantages and incentives. They will also be considered as VIT (Very Important Turtle) members of the community.

Once you have minted the NFT and landed an Exotic CycloTurtles by luck, simply connect to your OpenSea account to view them.

The team Not Essential created the idea of the CycloVerse, they wanted each of their 4 projects to encompass one of the 4 Core Values which represented what they believe is the path to creating avenues of change. CycloTurtles represents Longevity.

You can learn more about them right here

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