What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, defines Khizer Ishtiaq

It only takes determination with consistency to achieve your goals. Once you know what you want to achieve, your next target should be working on it rather than procrastinating.

Entrepreneurs are not born successful; instead, they work on their milestones to grasp them. Khizer Ishtiaq, a common lad from Pakistan, saw the world from an objective perspective. Despite being in high school, his main centrum of focus was business and seeking skill.

As per the requirements of society, he did not leave school but kept on working on his ambitions altogether. No one knew that this 15-year-old guy would be an example of the upcoming generation being successful in his teen years.

He chose to learn using the forums available online – internet usage in a positive way. Analyzing the upcoming competitive demand of the market, he developed his keen interest in digital skills.

Khizer generated his digital marketing agency named Zerteck Digital with the passing clock, rendering all kinds of branding and marketing-related services. As he implemented his fond to earn, he is counted among successful Pakistani entrepreneurs in green-aged.

Not only this, he compiled freelancing using his considerable skills joining different forums. Gaining experience of over six years now, he is one of the top-rated and certified freelancers.

Being an experienced entrepreneur now, he advises the upcoming generation that they should dig the interests inside them to work on it rather than following the footsteps of others to be successful. He believes every successful man has his journey of different interest sets.

Notably, his journey was not as easy as it looks from the paras. He had no laptop to work on. Beginning from a fundamental computer that his father bought for him, he put his immense struggle working day and night to prove all the myths wrong regarding age.

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