Who is Arwaz Khan from Jhansi?

Arwaz Khan aged 23 is an aspiring model and the top most social media influencer of Jhansi Uttar Pradesh. 

Born on 31 October 1998,Arwaz Khan at a very young age has achieved a lot which can be witnessed by searching on google Arwaz Khan Jhansi the first article which shows is of Arwaz Khan and his Instagram profile (Arwazkhan_007).He is a charismatic person who can impress anyone effortlessly in no time. He is a treasure of talents some are by birth and other he acquires by his hard work.

Arwaz is perfectly excellent in different fields may it be academics, acting, modelling even sports and many more though being such a gem Arwaz is still a humble and down to earth person which is again a unique quality. He loves to visit orphanages and spend time with the orphans there and also make them feel special by offering delicious food and gifts. It was never a overnight success story but an everyday struggle and consistent hardwork. 

Since childhood he was a average student in academics but participated in many competitions and won many. After class 10 the ambitious and competitive spirit sparked in his young soul and he gradually became the class topper in class 11 and 12 and aspired to achieve a lot more. He also won the title of best student award in class 12 and a cash prize of rs. 10,000.But he still aspired to achieve more and continued to work hard. 

Arwaz began with his modelling career during his graduation. He won the title of Mr. Jhansi2020 but still never compromised with his studies and received gold medal in B. Com(hons.) He also won three youth fests consecutively in college. 

Initially he was a model but later on he entered the social media influencer field and took himself on another level of success. 

Arwaz has promoted several brands which include Dabur, Ponds and tech stars like Rapido and many others. Arwaz is the topmost social media influencer in Jhansi. His trustworthy endorsement of products makes him true and best social media influencer. He first uses the product and when it works well for him then only he recommends it to his followers who have faith in him.Arwaz  has also worked with celebrities like Dinesh Mohan , Karon Gaines and many more. 

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