What do you do first when you face any challenge and looking to solve a problem or even learning something new? Well, it’s a simple answer, you google it. People are searching for information online more than ever before. As per a report by seotribunal.com, Google handles 3.8 million searches per minute on average across the globe. 

But at the same time, considering the massive volume of information available online, it is overwhelming for anyone to get the right information to fit the need and solve problems. The solution to this challenge is not more information but the right information in a structured format to solve a problem and add value.

The same was the answer of Abhay Sharma from Ajmer, Rajasthan, who, in a recent interview, said that customers are overloaded with information because most of the content creators are just pushing data in an unstructured way without understanding the problems or requirements of their customers. It is important to understand customers’ problems, needs, desires, and then create structured content to produce a valuable outcome and solution.

On talking further, the Entrepreneur also considers having made a start in the same way as mentioned above. In his seven years of corporate career, he faced similar challenges while implementing million-dollars technology projects. There was no single source to gain the required knowledge, and he used to spend countless hours in trial and error. 

Abhay well knew his niche market (Microsoft Dynamics) demand and the lack of the same and therefore, it didn’t take a minute to decide what he actually wanted to work on. He quit his high paying corporate job, and the idea of the NBSK (Niche-Based Structured Knowledge) Model started from here.

But unlike most of the online entrepreneurs, he didn’t want to offer the NBSK model to others without implementing in his own business that he runs with his business partner, Abhishek Mishra. His objective was to try and test if it works.

In July 2016, he launched Online CRM Training and pre-launched his first online mastery program. In less than 24 hours, eight customers signed up at $497 each before he closed the enrollments. He was surprised because it was just a pre-launch (and the program was not ready). He understood the customer needs, desires, and implemented it in his content. It was a unique strategy in his niche, and nobody was doing it.

So, in this way, Abhay’s idea is to provide the best knowledge-rich courses at the affordable price with lifetime access and unlimited support to his niche market.

As a matter of fact, Abhay is surely a hardworking soul and thinks outside the box. After automating the existing business, he started again with a broader vision to help the entire market in his niche. He launched Learn MS Dynamics that now helps people around the world.

The business has helped over 100,000 consultants in more than 150 countries with his unique NBSK model approach, and the demand from the customers is overwhelming. The business is expecting to help another 100,000 consultants in the next two years.

After analyzing the growth in his business, he decided to facilitate this model to other entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. His vision is to help millions of people around the world, so they create NBSK based content to help their prospects and customers in every niche.

With this, Abhay, along with the Cyber Security Expert, Gautam Kumawat, came up with the idea of Impact Millions Online (impactmillions.online) that is destined to impact millions positively.

It is informed that the Impact Millions Online courses will always be free to all aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to build their business on the NBSK model. 

Overall by all the success rate of Abhay, it can be seen that they are standing tough among the competitors and will remain the same with their head held high.

People like Abhay are totally meant to aspire to inspire. He also offered aspiring entrepreneurs with a small piece of advice- “Start your online entrepreneurial journey. Never worry about the competition because they cannot provide something that you have. What you have is unique, and the world is in need more than ever before.

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