Winning people’s hearts with her charitable actions is Spanish and role model named Elba Prescolí.

“Now is the time to come forward, make significant efforts and inspire the world to spread the good around, amidst these trying times,” says the gorgeous model.
Enough has already been talked about people and professionals across industries and fields about how they have hustled their way to the top and the kind of hard work with which they created a journey of theirs that took them towards their definition of success. However, still, there are some success stories that never cease to amaze and inspire the world with the level of zealousness, tenacity and passion it exudes. Doing exactly that is a young and gorgeous model Elba Prescolí.

Wondering how she made a special place for herself in the modelling world and otherwise? Well, Elba Prescolí made sure to do the ‘different’ by making efforts that could not just provide her with the success she sought in her career, but most importantly, also make a difference in the lives of others with her work. “If not now? Then when?”, she asks pointing out to the current crisis in the world in the form of a pandemic, which has disrupted many lives worldwide. She highlights that people coming from any background, profession or corner of the world must make sure to put efforts towards doing something for society and give back in times when people truly need each other.

Elba Prescolí has ​​been doing exactly that with her solidarity initiative that has attracted much attention from people, which is aimed at helping people fight the pandemic. She is looking forward to organizing this charity event and parade, which will see many international and national professionals, models, and fashion brands but we are going to see if current times are allowed to carry out such an event, says Elba to end.
Truly, she has been inspiring the world in ways more than one.
To find out more, follow her on Instagram @elbaprescooli.

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