Yasin Seiwasser – The man behind glory of martial arts.

He has taken the martial arts industry to soaring heights with his wide body of work.

The most popular form of combat has shown tremendous growth given its popularity which has been increasing globally with time. If statistics are to be believed, it has grown in an astounding manner since the past few years and its reach is expected to grow manifold in coming periods. One name who has created a strong foothold in this field is Yasin Seiwasser. He has made a huge impact and is drastically changing people’s lives with his decades of experience in the field of martial arts.

35 year old Yasin was born in Germany and is today rated amongst one of the most popular and reliable coaches who knows his craft to its core. His popularity is not restricted to his region alone but is spread across countries like Brazil, Thailand and the United States of America. His expertise and knowledge about various exercises has gained him immense popularity. On a professional front he has set a world record of the fastest knockout in MMA. His brand Seiwasser-Art of Life has been credited of changing lives in a positive way. The program consists of different techniques which are split into eight levels and contributes a lot to the mental and physical wellbeing of its followers. The entire curriculum of its course is designed after intense research and years of practice by the expert.

Apart from being a specialist in the field of martial arts, Yasin has also trained many professional athletes who have participated in many world championships. He has also been privileged to guard the royal family of Saudi Arabia, which in itself is a big achievement. Due to his vast knowledge and experience, Yasin is invited to speak and share his in-depth know how in the field of martial arts and has been a trainer as well as guest of honour at the Peaceful Warrior camp of Dan Millman.

His rock-solid experience of 35 years backed by years of technical knowledge and advanced training methods and forms have made Yasin one of the most celebrated personalities of present times.

To find out more, follow him on [email protected]_seiwasser

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