Young entrepreneur Jack Dean has emerged as UK’s best custom jewellery creator

At just 28, he has towered in the world of business by taking his brand ‘Jeweller Jack Ltd’ to the top.

Many young entrepreneurs have taken over the business world and have emerged as leaders who with their hard work have conquered various industries. These winners have marched ahead of their contemporaries and created a distinct mark for themselves by going two steps ahead and creating their super success stories which are truly inspirational. They are the future as they have the power to use their innovative thoughts for the upliftment of the industries. There is one young entrepreneur amongst us, who at the age of 28, has reached pinnacles of success by establishing his custom jewellery design company which is rated amongst the best in the industry, he is Jack Dean.

Jack comes from Sheffield, UK, and had had a keen interest in football since a young age of ten. His interest towards the sport made him join the Manchester United Academy where he played till the age of sixteen. Soon after he started playing for Fulham FC and to further his sports career even moved to London. “Football has always been my first priority, but soon I realised there were much more important things in life which needed to be addressed for a secure future, so I left the club and headed towards creating a career in the world of business,” says the young entrepreneur. After much thought he decided to take up the jewellery business and started working on it. He spent a year visiting various jewellers, buying and selling items for profits and after a year of being confident enough to do walk the path on his own, he decided to plunge into the entrepreneurial journey by founding his custom jewellery design business by the name ‘Jeweller Jack Ltd’. The brand has come across as the best manufacturers of customized jewellery based on the football theme which has gained much popularity in many countries other than Europe. Today, many high-profile athletes and football enthusiasts are his customers and his brands popularity is growing by each passing day.

To know more about Jack and his brand,  follow him on [email protected]_

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