YouTuber Emma Jonnz Identifies As A Transgender Woman, Says “I Am Finally Ready To Open Myself To The World”

Make-up and beauty YouTuber Emma Gonnz recently shared with the world that she are a transgender woman. In February, Jonnz shared a YouTube video of more than 6 minutes and talked about their journey and reason for coming out. Earlier, Jonnz was known to the world as Jonn Poker. Now, she wants people to address her with the new name ‘Emma Jonnz’.

The make-up influencer titled the video ‘I AM TRANS | Call Me Emma’. In the description, Emma wrote, “Hi Loves, I am coming out, and I can finally share with everyone that I am a proud trans woman, and you can call me Emma. I have thought about this moment for almost two years, and now I am finally ready to open myself to the world and tell everyone how I really feel inside and that I know I am a woman. After starting my youtube journey on my previous channel and building an audience on Instagram and TikTok, makeup has taught me so much, but it also truly helped me discover who I really am. I hope you can all accept me as much as I accept myself. I love you all.

In her video, the YouTuber says, “I’m a transgender woman now. For everyone else out there who doesn’t understand it, I was born a male, and I feel inside the same way as a woman feels. I feel like I was supposed to be born a female. I also feel like my body doesn’t reflect the same way I feel. I’ve been thinking about transitioning for over two years. I remember the first time I was just thinking about it, and I was like, ‘Am I sure about this? Maybe it’s just a phase’.”

In the video, the make-up influencer reveals that she is yet to undergo hormone therapy. Soon, she will share the news with the world. Emma Jonnz also shared the interesting reason why she changed the name from Jonn Poker to Emma. It has a celebrity connection, and that will bring a smile to your face.

In the comments section, Emma Jonnz’s admirers have applauded their bravery for coming out to the world. One person commented, “Good for you for being brave enough to embark on an act of pure individualism to live your own life. I think that everyone should do what they need to do to make their outer life match their inner life and achieve their highest version of themselves, their own Nietzschean ideal. Congratulations!”

Another wrote, “Emma, I think you’re beautiful inside and out. You’re an inspiration to others who might be afraid of coming out or feeling insecure about being part of the LGBTQ culture. Watching you grow into the person you want to be is beautiful, and I will definitely support you! Strongs girla”.

From Jonn Poker to Emma Jonnz, she has come a long way and grown more confident and showed the world how self-love and self-acceptance are important. By coming out and telling the world that she is a transgender woman, the YouTuber has encouraged many like her to accept their truth. We can’t wait to see her beautiful journey as Emma Jonnz.

Check out her video –

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