Tarun Poddar
Tarun Poddar

Zero to Zeros, Foxhog India Head Tarun Poddar speaks, How Foxhog acquires SEBI License in India for Small Scale Venture Funds.

USA Based Banker and Venture Capital firm, Foxhog Ventures Corp. has won the SEBI Approval for it’s Indian Business 2 days back for it’s Investment Banking division which can be a dealmaker move for this 1 year old Venture Capital firm headed by Stanford Graduate Tarun Poddar.

“ My Team and Business Partners has worked day and night to make this possible, I still remember when we were losing many bigger business when we were new in the market and attacked by critics and competitors, but I knew that to stand in the market, no other can be a bigger motivation than your Critics.”  Says Tarun Poddar, India Head and Managing Partner of Foxhog Ventures Corp.   

While speaking about the Cyber attack at Company’s server last days back Tarun says “ We have found the guilty was one of our rejected applicant who were using the anonymous name to misguide our clients and partners and were trying to defame us, Our legal team and Police has taken action against them and our Our IT Cell has taken control over.

Awarded as Best Startup Employer to Work for by Deccan Herald and Top 10 Startup to watchout in 2020, Foxhog has reported it’s 2nd quarter closure for Rs. 56.09 Crores and expecting to close the FY Year 2021 Close to Rs.250 Crores , which will be double of it’s closure of FY 2020.

India Head Tarun Poddar has announced 11.5% of it’s revenue in India for CSR Activities and has also onboarded few renowned angel Investors for bigger ticket size in Indian market to invest in Hospitality Sector.

Company will be operating it’s Indian entity as Foxhog India Private Limited as one of the Indian Subsidiary of Foxhog Ventures Corp. USA and will be providing Investment and Lending services in Indian Market for Small and medium scale start-ups.

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